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wow these past 2 days where really awsome! ok
friday: 12:45 AM me and casey got to see shane on his first day out of jail
2:00 AM went to mandy's
4:sumthin AM went to bed
12:51 PM woke up
2:00 PM hung out with casey and mandy
4:00 PM whent to kassys with casey and jon
5:00 PM whent to Carosel with jon, casey, and kassy
6:40 PM saw "Bad News Bears" that was pretty funny
7:10 PM got out of movie and jon went over to this guy and said " can i be in your gang?" the guy replied "sure" and jon knowing casey is there says "no fuck you*then flips him off right in front of his face*" so the guy walks away then kassy (not knowing what happened) says we should go the other way(towards the guy) and we pass by him and the guy says "are you talkin shit" *then charges jon and pushes him* casey turns around then jumps on his back(he was kinda tall) and (while bashing his face off the wall) puts him in a headlock then the mall security breaks it up then we leave
10:10 PM we get home and i had to pee really bad, so i did
11:00 PM jon drinks his 40 oz.
saturday: 2:00 AM jon starts drinking more beer and rum
4:00 AM jon buys the rest of the rum off shawn for 10$ and starts his drinking
6:00 AM me jon and casey are still awake jon has been drinking so he cant really feel much so we decide to kick him in the nuts oh about 7 times.
6:41 AM writing this in lj because im probably going to forget it later

well thats all for now bye bye
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i woke up wut seemed like too early but it was like 1:00 yea and then i when to caseys medication thing aaand i saw a lady rub her tummy when she walked and casey said when u see her make it seem like shes saying "tum tum" theeeeeen after we when to get food and casey and his mom got mcdonalds and i got chineese food now we had to go in to the chinese food place and i said to jamie " i should act like a retard and u should be my mommy and hit me" so we go into the chinese place and i had a funny retard walk and the first thing i say "i want pizza!" and they like stared at me with my walk and voice it was funny and i said "i want soda " and jamie just said " u have soda in the car" and i made a funny noise kinda like *hmmmmmmmmpfffff* then i got plasticware and i got a spoon and said " im ready for my peporoni!" then they had like old rice in a cup to hold up the pens and i put one in my mouth and then i spit it out while an asian guy was looking at me then jamie said "get out go wait in the car"*she pushed me* so i stormed out in a retard way that made my day and of course i drop all my plasticware and had to eat with my handsin the car and since jamie drives like a maniac and i droped my drink and the straw broke and i had no straw it suked so bad but it was hilarious!
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